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The Linux Win?

Windows 10 can now run Linux!  Big news event. 

It’s true but one must read the fine print. It’s a command line only version of Linux. It runs in a WIN10 terminal window. It is not a GUI full desktop distro.

The version style (brand name) can be chosen from the Microsoft Store like an application.  The flavor, like Ubuntu version or Suse is selected. But they are all command line only. Very much like (and probably are) the server versions.

Fine if one is developing a code application or running command line. Perhaps they can be run headless with a GUI terminal. That seem a bit clumsy. I didn’t try.

I did try to install the Gnome desktop on Ubuntu and it loaded all the code very nicely. It’s a lot of lines of code. But it still wouldn’t boot into the GUI desktop. It’s running in a Windows terminal window and doesn’t know how to open a GUI window on the Windows desktop. I had to try. There may be a way as I suggested to open a remote access from a second Windows desktop GUI-able window if one knows how to and can access the running Linux application.

Dual boot is still my option for a full GUI alternative choice. The new virtual machine Linux within Windows is not a full virtual machine. The linux core (kernel) is managed by Microsoft so what one gets to choose is clothes it gets to wear. “Look, the king (Tux) is wearing no clothes!”

Perhaps I was a bit naive . I didn’t read the fine print.

But Linux command line does work and it seems to work quite well.  So I could say it is a WIN for Linux in a naked way…

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