Dirty SOCKS again

I thought the problem was solved. This problem: MacOS Localhost:8080 SOCKS Proxy Issue

Proxy Control Center

The Proper Normal Screen

The issue came back. My MAC mini started having browser connection problems again. At first I thought I had a router issue, the actual hardware router itself. Because I was also having SAMBA problems as the MAC also lost connection with my NAS (Network Accessible Server). Websites we’re taking forever to connect and the NAS couldn’t be found. 

Then I remembered the SOCKS issue. System Preference / Network / Ethernet / Advanced / Proxies; is the route to the socks drawer. The check box for the SOCKS proxy was NOT check-marked but the entry “localhost 8080” was filled in. I think I made a statement about excrement.

I deleted the SOCKS entry and immediately ran a full system VIRUS search. 

The search took over an hour and nothing was found. However, the browser access and NAS access are agin normal. I have rebooted several times and the SOCKS entry has not returned.

And THEN… I have no idea if it is related, more likely a coincidence, the MACmini did a macOS update to BIG SUR ver 11.2.1 about 2 hours later

Aren’t computers so much fun?