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Safety First Window De-Ice

I used my small 1500 watt electric room heater (using low 750 watt setting) to thaw out our two iced-over autos. Dry windows in about 1/2 hour.

One must of course have a long extension cord (I use for yard work) and access to 120 volt power.

Safety Concerns

The heater must be one with a finned ceramic block heat core and fan with NO RADIANT open filament emission meaning no light emission. Just warm blowing air.

My cars are SUV type with hatchback and fold down rear seats. I fold down the seats a put heater in the way-back. NO HOT AIR blowing against anything within 3 foot.

My heater has safety switch for fall over and a working temperature control (thermostat) I set to 50% I also used Low Power setting. (750 watt)

This may not be safe in standard seats-only vehicles. Placing the operating heater in a foot well or on a seat is like putting the operating heater in a flammable cardboard box. With my heater I can safely and comfortably hold my hand about 12 inches in front of the heater on low setting in a 65 degree room with no airflow restrictions. Thermometer shows ~100-110f degrees. My point is to not blow hot air of any temperature directly at a flammable surface, melt plastic, or start a fire.

A room heater is not designed for this use. It requires adequate free space around it. With very good understanding of the dangers it worked for me. My concern is I am certainly not the only person who may try this.

This IS NOT A RECOMENDATION! My comments here are to express the dangers in doing this.

This is a very short term, supervised use of a 1500 Watt (run at 750 watts) room heater to thaw car windows in an ice over. DO NOT USE as a continious unattended overnight car warmer. It is safe only when the risks are fully understood.

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