KautzCraft Studio

Originally I created the KautzCraft Studio website and brand name to identify and promote my lost wax cast silver jewelry. I created an on-line e-commerce website to present those jewelry creations for purpose of sale. 

Honestly, my websites have attracted more attention from promoters who think they can manage my micro business better than I can. It’s all about search engine secrets only they understand. There is way more business “about the business” than the business itself. 

I am not looking for world wide web dominance so the hundred SEO emails a month are barking up the wrong tree. The only thing it proves is that “somehow” they found me, without their special knowledge assistance. Hmm…

I am NOT running a marketing campaign. Just “putting up a shingle” so there is a presence if someone looks for it. I am NOT a “potential source of revenue” for the flood of under-employed SEO agents.

Rant over. Just wanted to put my mark in the sand.

This SEO activity has given me some thoughts on the KautzCraft Studio purpose. Originally created for the silver work. But I have expanded my crafts and interests in many other directions that fit comfortably within my new KautzCraft Studio expanded concept. 

I consider all my creative efforts identifiable under KautzCraft. The KautzCraft (brand) is not a single product or creative discipline. Lost wax casting, woodworking, LASER engraving, 3D printing, Illustrative 2D art, Photography. There are no defined boundaries. 

I encourage all family members to use the brand under their own personal identity. You may (or not) see KautzCraft Quilts if my spouse desires to go public. My son and daughter (and their spouses) are creative folks but presently have little surplus time to spend creating tangible hobby crafts for sale. Perhaps KautzCraft Studio will pass to the next generation?

Not a concern for today.

I am considering format changes to my KautzCraft Studio blog website and all my e-commerce websites. It is the reason for this post. 

I have long been a reseller of “other peoples products.” Namely both Proxxon and Taig tools. They have provided purpose and financial reward giving the effort some worth. My sales are all internet (no bricks and mortar). This permits the small discount (because of my low overhead) that has attracted customers. 

These retail manufactured products are not unique, so the door is open for the manufacture and any third party to offer the same products and discounts. 

These are desperate “work from home” times. Manufacturer/Wholesale/Retail has dissolved as a distribution process. Manufactures do their own direct distribution and Internet advertising. Here is where the SEO folks need to concentrate.

I have developed the “Henry Ford” mindset. If you have studied his business philosophy, you know he desired to own/manage his complete product manufacturing from raw materials in the ground to cars on the road.

That’s exactly how the CraftsPerson operates. Raw materials to finished product. Total control and only source of a unique product. Other people make cars but only FORD makes a FORD with only FORD components. (Ford built a rubber tree plantation for growing rubber for tires and bought a coal mine to mine coal for his factories…) 

I am not that extreme. 

Publishing this article is a first step to commitment to change my hobby business goals. Offering other peoples products has become too competitive in the last two years. Too many hungry FORD dealers. 

I am nearly 75 years old and coasting on the downhill side of the mountain of life. I just want to keep busy and break close to even on costs for the items I like to make. It’s all about keeping the creative juices flowing and a purpose in my retirement phase of life. I think I am still above the tree line…  Not lost in the woods… yet.

Using technical tools and producing creative art is my goal for KautzCraft Studio and the remainder of time.

Ramblin’ Dan’s “The Hobbyist Machine Shop” may soon be less visible than the present. The shop isn’t going away, but the effort and need to keep a running tab of activities has long ago diminished.

Just keeping all the plates spinning has no practical application with no Ed Sullivan audience applauding the effort. (Does THAT date me?)

KautzCraft Studio is my current product “show place”. My plan is to show more of what I make and less of how I make it. Go take a look.