Things are COOL in Virginia

I am away in Richmond, VA for a few days. Right after the big storm. A few trees down here and there but nothing major broken that I can see. Except for the TV coverage, life seems very normal. No conversation from residents about the storm. Ernesto? What was that. HA! This is true where I stand, so don’t think what you are shown on TV is the whole story. It is only a view of conditions from a producers point of view whos’ objective is to sell air time.

Me thinks our our public service weather and news channels have become national scare mongers every time a new storm brews up. Yes, the storms are hazardous, but so is everything else in nature. All I see are the self appointed “heroes” standing in the rain, risking EVERYTHING just to warn the entire U.S. about a non event. “LOOK! I am getting wet because it is actually raining here. Praise me for being so brave to stand here and tell you this!” It is hard for them and me to keep it in perspective when they make every storm is a national disaster. I think they need practice keeping local news local.