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Carveco = Vectric?

I received an email a few days ago from a software company named “Carveco”. It was an introduction and an offer to pre-invest in CAD software that replaces a product called ArtCAM. I had not realized that Autodesk had shut down ArtCAM last year. It appears they sold out to this Carveco group. ArtCAM was pretty much the top level program for 2.5 D CAD/CAM in sign making, wood carving, and what I do in my jewelry design. It’s like the super-set of Vectric Aspire

I chose Vectric Aspire because back in the day […] Continue reading » Carveco = Vectric?

The Spirit of Hand Tools

Hand Tools

From the perspective of an artist, working with hand tools provides a direct connection between an idea of form developed in the brain and the expression of that form in a tangible creation produced through muscle control. Using this concept, the bare hands are also considered a tool.

The topic here is hand tools but extending the idea a bit further, any part of the human anatomy can be a tool. For example, a finger nail can be a scraper.

There is a distinct dividing of hand tools between powered and non-powered. The importance of this division is […] Continue reading » The Spirit of Hand Tools

The Results

I said I would post the photo of the finished silver work I have been creating. Here it is.

The class sessions are almost over so I am going to have to find a way to get more casting done. The end goal is to do it myself, but I want to build a backlog of quality finished waxes before I commit to the necessary investment in machinery.

What I have proved so far is that my old hands are still capable of doing this work. I use the power […] Continue reading » The Results

Wax Carving

Wax Carving

I am experimenting with a new skill in manually carving wax. I can produce wax carvings very nicely with my CAD/CAM but have few options what to do with the carvings when finished. What I intend to do is expand into lost wax casting.

The first step is learn all I can about manually producing and most importantly finishing a wax carving. I know the mechanics, now I am learning the art.

This pix is the roughing out stage. Much more work will go into this before it is finished. Using CNC it would be done by now. 🙂

I post mini updates in my The […] Continue reading » Wax Carving

Well Invested

My daughter Shelley and I became well invested in our craft projects last night. We are taking wax carving and lost wax casting workshops at the Craft Guild of Dallas. Investment is the plaster like material that surrounds our wax carvings and forms the molds for casting our work in silver. The wax is melted and burned out of the investment (the wax is lost) then the cavity is filled with silver, Sterling silver actually.

We put sprues on our creations to direct the silver into our designs and then we were doing vacuum degassing of our investment so there would be no bubbles in the molds. It’s […] Continue reading » Well Invested