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What has happened to honor? It seems a lot of boys and girls don’t know what that means these days. I can’t call them men and women even when they are old enough. There are adults who have never matured into people with honor. Those who have no clue, think honor is only a military phrase.

Honor is taught (or used to be) in the military at all levels. Especially embedded into officer training. But “Honor ” is now a seldom heard catch phrase in the civilian world. Some current politicians and especially a few juvenile Olympic athletes are unaware of the meaning nor have a clue it applies […] Continue reading » Honor

Happy Birthday Kids

My children (boy-girl twins) celebrated their birthday in my home yesterday. They will be 44 on Tuesday (tomorrow). Hard to believe it has been that long. We are blessed they are still best friends and both live near us here in Dallas, TX area. Both are married and my son has a daughter, now age 7. That’s our nuclear-fissioned family. (We are split but still live in the same reactor!) 🙂

So that makes my wife and I 25 when they were born. We were so young but so happy. Twins were not expected. Can’t forget the day as it was 10 below zero in northeast Ohio. Not […] Continue reading » Happy Birthday Kids

The Curse of Minecraft

My 7 year old granddaughter was playing Minecraft on her IPad. I guess you aren’t C00L if you’re a kid and don’t have an IPad. Hers was acquired second hand from her mom.

Anyway she was smashing and building all types of blocky things and telling me about all kinds of monsters that inhabit the software program. She was spending summer days with us as her parents worked, the game program helped keep her busy. I thought it was a kids game.

I had just loaded a new version of Ubuntu on my “Sandbox” computer and I noticed a free version of Minecraft was enabled on the new […] Continue reading » The Curse of Minecraft

Tessa in Rain

Not even a rainy Mother’s Day can dim the spirit of youth. Her mother said, “OK!” all the rest was spontaneous Tessa.


Original Source Unknown

I have seen this over and over on social media. I can’t verify that it is a true document or a good fabrication. Snopes shows no UL results. It doesn’t really matter as it has made a statement. In fact many people have made their own statements about this document.

What I have to say doesn’t fit into a small comment field. There is so much more (in my opinion) going on here, I need a larger forum.

This is proposed to be the results of a test given to a second grader who is autistic. and these answers came “instantly” to his/her mind. […] Continue reading » Interpretation