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Spider Bite?

I put a question mark on the title as I have no proof of a bite other than the symptoms. Proof requires a sighting and better yet, capture of the little critter. The pictures are a bit graphic. Don’t click to enlarge if it bothers you…  🙂

I like Dr. Pepper and now drink mostly the diet version. It helped me loose 35 pounds. We bought a large case of 36 cans in one box. I put a dozen cans in the fridge. The rest of the case went into the food closet (pantry).

The diet DP was defective. It tasted like pure unflavored soda water. It was either over […] Continue reading » Spider Bite?

Monitor Brightness

Monitor Brightness

I have noticed getting a lot of eye strain while spending time using my computers for long periods. I don’t remember having much of that issue in years past. So some thing or things have changed.

I spend a lot more time at the home computer in blog writing, CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing/Drafting), photography editing, and other screen intensive tasks. I did the same at my office before I retired. I had a desk job.

The first thought are my eyes. Definitely the number one suspect. I admit I am overdue for another exam. I wear glasses and at age 70 and above, the eye […] Continue reading » Monitor Brightness


My furnace, actually an electric heat pump, wasn’t keeping up to holding temperature too well. Checked filter. Oops… went a bit too long. Reminder to others, check your filter now. Very dirty filters will definitely reduce system efficiency (higher operating cost) and could damage equipment. Don’t put it off. Also don’t run without filters if you have a heat pump or air conditioning in your system. A few days won’t hurt but all season could plug indoor coil fins.

After 50 years in the HVAC business, I have changed and installed a lot of filters. Even electrostatic filters usually have an after filter that can get clogged due to […] Continue reading » Filters

Eye Exam

Just spent two hours today getting my deep blue peepers (eyes) examined. It has been about two years since my last exam so I was a bit overdue. What pushed me into getting it scheduled was the fact that my right eye has changed and my eyeglass prescription was nowhere close to my needs.

I could easily but fuzzily see the problem. Nothing was in sharp focus at any distance with my right eye. I have been favoring my left eye for most of my fine vision and I know that wasn’t something I needed to endure much longer.

My diagnostics of my right eye problem was correct. It […] Continue reading » Eye Exam

Good Deeds

I am disabled (somewhat) with fairly advanced peripheral neuropathy (PN). My leg muscles, hands and arms are dysfunctional for full and proper sensory input, output and muscle control. I can walk for medium-short distances but I must have a cane to stand in one place. I work hard with my fine motor skills in my hands to keep them working.

I have had handicap parking mirror hangers for about eight years. I really do need them and am thankful for the privilege of close parking. My present permit cards expire this month, so I had to get them renewed, one for my car and one in Gloria’s car. (She […] Continue reading » Good Deeds