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Carveco = Vectric?

I received an email a few days ago from a software company named “Carveco”. It was an introduction and an offer to pre-invest in CAD software that replaces a product called ArtCAM. I had not realized that Autodesk had shut down ArtCAM last year. It appears they sold out to this Carveco group. ArtCAM was pretty much the top level program for 2.5 D CAD/CAM in sign making, wood carving, and what I do in my jewelry design. It’s like the super-set of Vectric Aspire

I chose Vectric Aspire because back in the day […] Continue reading » Carveco = Vectric?

A Creative Thought

Just finished mowing my yard, edging, trimming, the whole works. Good aerobic, couple of hours exercise for a 70-year-old male, in the Texas humid 85-degree heat. Far better that the 100 plus degree days we were having.

I am now re-hydrating with a bottle of orange G-Ade thirst quencher and have turned on the computer in my air-conditioned home office, checking emails and making sure the earth is still revolving. Don’t want to miss the eclipse in eleven days or so… The propaganda machine (TV) says it is a first full eclipse in the USA in 99 years but that is BS. Maybe the first that crosses the entire […] Continue reading » A Creative Thought

The Spirit of Hand Tools

Hand Tools

From the perspective of an artist, working with hand tools provides a direct connection between an idea of form developed in the brain and the expression of that form in a tangible creation produced through muscle control. Using this concept, the bare hands are also considered a tool.

The topic here is hand tools but extending the idea a bit further, any part of the human anatomy can be a tool. For example, a finger nail can be a scraper.

There is a distinct dividing of hand tools between powered and non-powered. The importance of this division is often a subject of debate concerning the […] Continue reading » The Spirit of Hand Tools

Restoration Project

I am working on a new project. My wife Gloria dragged home a beat up antique piano stool (quite) a few months ago and said, “Here, restore this…” Ha! Little realizing I wouldn’t make it top priority. Well, maybe she did, as she knows me too well.

So today I took a look at it and decided now or never. I proceeded to test the surface finish which was absolutely horrendous and noted all the cracks and flaws. Yep, it was going to have to be a total teardown and rebuild.

It is very old so I was certain it was put together with hide glue. It is. That means […] Continue reading » Restoration Project

Shop Project

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The project is a low, slide out work bench. I just finished the build and install stages of creating this new work bench for my shop. Actually it is a work bench attachment that added a low level work area to my old large workbench. I posted the video above to You Tube to show how it works.

[…] Continue reading » Shop Project