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New Post in RD’s Photo Gallery

I posted a few new pictures in my RD photo gallery.

First in the blog section is some shots of my Sony NEX5 wearing a chunk of Minolta lens glass. There will be more to come in that story.

I also posted a ranch picture I dug up from one of my old archives. I thought it was rather attractive and worthy of a place in the gallery. You can find it here on the main page. Look for the horse and calf.

Most if not all of my future photography blog posts will be posted in the RD’s Photo Gallery, the “Pholog” […] Continue reading » New Post in RD’s Photo Gallery Expanding

I am not the only Kautz on my twig of the Kautz family tree with a passion for photography. My daughter Shelley is a professional photographer and is currently expanding her personal web site

Yes, she really earns her keep as a full time photographer. I’ll leave it to her to tell her own story as Dadio (that’s me) may tend to brag on her. Let me just say that her work is first class in professional grade product […] Continue reading » Expanding

My Photography Gallery

I am enjoying exploring the art of amateur photography again, not that I ever stopped either exploring or enjoying. I am one of the oldies that has spanned the age of film and into digital photography. Not that my senior age allows that, as my daughter who is 25 years my junior, has made the same transition in her professional photography career.

No career path for me. I just enjoy the technical aspects of the skill, and the quality of the photographic results I can develop (Yeah, pun intended). The age of digital computing produced […] Continue reading » My Photography Gallery

What You See Is What I Show You

I love taking good photographs. I don’t so much like poor photography. To me there is a world of difference between taking pictures and true photography. Today we have a lot of ordinary folks “taking pictures” using simple cameras such as the ubiquitous cell phone camera. There is some good photography done with cell phone cameras, so I hold no disrespect of the tool.

Current cell phone cameras have very few controls and are extremely difficult to hold steady. So that makes them both simple and difficult at the same time. The result is […] Continue reading » What You See Is What I Show You

July 4th Photography

I was just sitting on my rear porch playing with my 2yr old Sony NEX-5 camera. I had put a lens adapter on it and connected my Minolta 100-200mm telephoto lens.1:4.5 (22) lens. On the Nex-5 it is equivalent to a 150-300 lens on a 35mm camera. Nothing special as far as subject, just the usual Egret, Mallards, and Russian Geese. The lens is manual focus in this situation.

Far side of lake is about 200 feet away.

Many of the shots are at ISO 6400, yes really at around f20 and 1/1000 second. Later shots near the end are ISO 400 f8 and 1/400 sec. From the camera they […] Continue reading » July 4th Photography