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Black Vulture

I was working in my garage on Sunday and noticed a Black Vulture chowing down on some road kill rabbit at the front of my house, near my driveway.

It’s not everyday I see a Black Vulture (No it is NOT a Turkey Vulture) in my neighborhood. I have seen them several times while driving in the countryside.  They are much larger than a crow and the grey head gives away that it is a Black Vulture. Turkey vultures have a red head and is the red head that associates their name to turkeys.

I think it is rather impressive and it is just doing its job, cleaning up the environment.

I grabbed my Sony NEX-5 and slapped on the Minolta 100-200 mm telephoto and adapter. It is equal to a 150-300 mm in 35mm cameras. I was standing in the door of the garage when I shot these photos.

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