Rambling Home

I am back home in Texas. These old PN legs of mine don’t like walking in airports much. I am the slow guy in the fast lane everyone wants to get around. Without the cane I couldn’t make it. The cane also serves as an indicator to everyone of the problem with which I am dealing. The results are 95% of folk treat me very courteous with my walking problem. The strip search, walk in your socks, security gauntlet crew give me a little extra help. I always say, “Thanks!”

Airport designers never seem to put anything close together in those places. At least Richmond is only 50% under construction. I think new construction is a requirement at every airport. Barriers and construction zones seem to be rampant at every one. I think it is because they want to keep moving services farther apart! It must be so they can see the terrorists on more hidden cameras. Is air travel actually increasing in these violent times?

The meetings went well. So did my training session on Prolog. I got to see the new East Coast Operations office. I also enjoyed a couple of good meals. Life is good. The problems written about above are a small burden for the rewards of living an otherwise enjoyable life. Thank God for my blessings.

The only problem is going back into one’s office after a few days away. Especially on a Friday!