The Rains Came

On Thursday night 5/3/07 about 7:00 PM CDST Frisco, Texas was hit by a rain storm delivering many inches of rain and 80 MPH wind. The wind did us no damage but it flooded our lake as high as it has ever been. The water was flowing across the road at the low end.


This is a view of the backyard taken from the porch. It was actually pitch black and still raining, but I used my Sony digital camera in the night vision view.

The light post is standing in the water and is still operating. At least the electrical connections must be waterproof.

The water is covering the entire public property around the lake and is just at the edge of the fence on the neighbor’s property to the left.

Towards Dam

Here the rain has slowed a bit and I ventured down to the water’s edge. It has lowered a bit but the mid lake dam in the background is hardly visible.

There is also a normal width sidewalk to the right (lakeside) of this light. There is about a three foot berm between the edge of the sidewalk and the normal bank for the lake.

The water height is about three feet above it’s normal height and the edges have expanded out 10-12 feet on each side of the lake.

The far side of the lake seemed flooded more than my side. Thank goodness all the houses are far enough back and high enough that none of us suffered flood damage.

Dark Shot

This is how dark it actually was at the time the other photo’s were taken. The bright specks are rain drops and you can see that the flash can only reach to the edge of the water.

This shows some of the tricks these new digital cameras can do in almost full darkness. The previous pictures could not have been taken without special film.