Ladies of the Lake

I just had to post this picture. I call these gals the “Ladies of the Lake” as they are friends,  all living on the same end of the little lake that adjoins our homes. Left to right is Evelyn,  Sandy,  Pam,  and my wife Gloria. The picture was taken at our home at a wedding shower party held for our daughter Shelley. I did not take the picture,  the photographer may have been Danielle.

If you are a photographer,  you may appreciate this picture as I do for it’s technical requirements. The severe back lighting is a challenge. That is a window with blinds that were open,  flooding in the outside light,  creating the bright background. The original photo from the camera was usable but a bit dark because of the window lighting.

A little Photoshop editing and letting the window “blow out” (details disappear) created this,  what I consider a classic backlight photograph. I think the photo is interesting to look at.

It is the typical “stand-in-a-line-and-pose-for-a-group-shot”  ho-hum snapshot,  but the dramatic back light sets it apart from the usual. I think it earns the title of photograph.