This is Only a Test

Somehow we have survived again. I am referring to the nationwide test of the emergency broadcasting system that happened at 1:00 PM CST (local) here. It was supposed to shutdown or interrupt all radio and TV broadcasting in the USA for about 3 minutes. The concern was that some folks would think it was some kind of real thing.

Little fear, but they would have had a real panic if they shutdown the Internet (or Facebook) for that long. Probably no one notice the interruption in the old broadcast (radio wave) system. With X radio (satellite) and cable taking its place.

There was a quarter mile wide asteroid that came between (inside) earth and the moon orbit about 6:00 PM yesterday and no one ran into the streets screaming. Maybe the two events were supposed to happen at the same time.  My daughter in law said she heard some talk (no panic) about “War of the Worlds”. Maybe the asteroid was a disguised invader ship?

The Discovery channel has sure been trying hard to unsuccessfully convince me the Alien Invaders are real and they built the pyramids 5,000 year ago. Why should aliens want to scare me today?