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What I Am…

Where I spent my “allowance” in the 1950’s.

Read a comment made by an old (youngish 66 year old) dude about his involvement with 3D printing. He said he is a retired engineer. The reason he loved 3D printing wasn’t from what he made. It was the complexity and constant challenge to learn and understand the technical process. The CAD; the item design; the CNC; the process; the hardware; the mental stimulation. It had to be complex and difficult or he wouldn’t be interested.

I realized I was reading my own mind. It isn’t about what I make at all. It is […] Continue reading » What I Am…

Understanding GPS

Passive location, position, navigation and mapping.

News and entertainment media as well as now common devices such as cell phones have obscured the true function of GPS (Global Positioning System). Its only function is to provide accurate position information to a receiver that can “hear” three or more orbiting satellites that transmit signals toward earth. Sometimes a transmitter at a known place on earth is combined with information from the satellites to increase accuracy.

The device on earth that computes the location is a multi-channel receiver with powerful computer logic that decodes the location of the receiver. Through programming it can also provide speed and […] Continue reading » Understanding GPS

New WWW Home for W5EHS

Dan, W5EHS holding the brand new FT-60R

I have ventured down a new path and have just added a new subject to my ever growing list of personal web sites. The URL on this latest presentation is, short and simple. That is the call sign for my amateur radio station license. For hams it also represents our persona as well as station identification.

Until this creation, my amateur radio activities have been spread throughout all my blogs and web sites. They can be found with a tag search and sometimes a category search. Recently, as I reactivate […] Continue reading » New WWW Home for W5EHS

Microwave First Step Again

I have now attended several meetings of the NTMS (North Texas Microwave Society) and paid some dues for membership. I started down this path way back in 2009. Where has the six years gone since I first started in this direction! Yipes! There are posts here in RD back then when I first got interested.

Since then I obtained some ideas and leads on how to build my first microwave transverter. I reported 6 years ago I have a 28 MHz (10 meter) transceiver I can use for my base receiver/transmitter. From there I now intend to build a 144 MHz […] Continue reading » Microwave First Step Again

Very and Ultra Radio Active

I am back on VHF and UHF amateur radio again. My old equipment, an Icom IC-24AT proved out to be a totally dead cat. (Sorry cat lovers, but it happens.) I had to get a new one.

The small hand held “Handy Talkies” or Handheld Transceivers (HT) have gained a lot of “features” since the late nineteen hundreds when I purchased the Icom. A plain old HT radio only, no longer exists.

The long standing Yeasu FT-60 shown here is as close as I could get to a “minimal” dual band hand held. I am not quoting price, just features. The FT-60 has over 1000 memory channels as if I […] Continue reading » Very and Ultra Radio Active