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Well, I’m going to have a little Pi in my face after Christmas. I ordered the $35.00 Raspberry Pi credit card size computer from MCM Electronics today. Just what I need is another micro computer but this little machine is already a classic. Like I said in the previous post, “I would like to have one to play with…”

This is probably the worst time of the year to order one. They seem to be out of stock everywhere, at least at the normal price. The one I just ordered is not in stock for at least 11 more days. At the low price it is just as well to jump into the cue at some point and wait it out. I was going to wait until after the first of the year but it may stay in perpetual short supply.

The Raspberry Pi is currently made by Sony in Great Britain, but they are also going to soon be made in China. The model number will not change but I am thinking I will possibly get the GB version.

I have no intense, “got to have it right now” desire as I have plenty of other computer work to do in my holiday PTO (Paid Time Off). I’ll probably forget I ordered it until it arrives after Christmas, except for seeing this post in Ramblin’ Dan.

I will certainly be posting more on how I use this tiny computer in 2013. Also read “Le’go My Linux” under Articles.

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  • Dan'l

    Surprise! MCM has shipped my Raspberry Pi and several accessories, a 5v USB power supply, a small plastic frame to keep the back plane of the computer board up off the desktop (no case yet, I may machine one) and a 8G high speed SD card.

    Funny thing. MCM shipped the accessories on Monday with the computer back ordered, they shipped the computer on Tuesday. Nice, but was billed for two initial shipping amounts (2 boxes). It may be from two locations but it would have been cheaper to ship in one box.