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The Real Raspberry

Yes, see… I do have it in hand, literally. This is probably some of the first batch of China made Raspberry Pi. No problem, I am excited there was NOT a big delay in receiving my Pi.

No power up yet as I have to first download the OS onto the card. I do have everything I need except time. Just have to make some of that. Christmas prep and cookie making is going on all around me so this may coast for a week or two if I can stand it. I am sure the holidays will have some slack time somewhere.

More to come later…

1 comment to The Real Raspberry

  • Dan'l

    Here I am logged into my Raspberry Pi and connected to the internet. I am adding a comment to my blog post about the very same computer. Yes, it does work right out of the shipping box when you get all the cables plugged in and the OP system loaded on the SD card. I am pleased.