OutlawExcept for viewing my family activities I have become extremely annoyed with the management and total control Facebook has over many people’s lives.  For me it has become the false profit of Satan and destroying cultural values and the right (or is it now become a privilege) of personal privacy. Yeah, I am an old fogey and damn well proud of it.

I shared as little personal information as possible in Facebook “registration”. I even lied about my age. Facebook constantly and incessantly (Hmm. Those words mean the same) tried to “figure me out”. From my friends it was calculating where I was born, my complete family structure, what schools I attended (which it must consider the most important fact of life – I don’t), all the things I am interested in, and so much more. I don’t want a Big Brother, at least one beyond my control! Ha! There are so many others that are.

I deleted all my shared pictures.  I deleted my iPhone app to see how that felt. It was actually quite painless. I just now tried to delete my account. Guess what, I can’t. Facebook has what it knows about me locked up I assume forever. It won’t let go.

I can and did cancel my account, with many veiled threats from Facebook not to do so, but I can’t delete (as in remove) it. I simply have to log in and enter my old password and it says I will be right back to where I left off. That wasn’t my intent.

I HAVE NO CONTROL! Joining Facebook is a one way street!

Am I really an old fogey recluse, hiding in a cave at the top of a mountain? …Of course not. This blog and all my other web publications defy that description. I reveal a lot about myself when I feel I have control. Yeah, I know it is already too late. Pandora’s box is open.

It is not the content that disturbs me. The friends are great. It is the constant interrogation of my private information I wish to keep that way. Its a price I don’t want to pay.

Facebook is an identity cancer you can’t kill. It lives for the purpose of data acquisition and making its victims precisely targetable. 99 percent of the victims must figure the rewards far outweigh the risks. Much like tobacco smoking, they have become hooked.  I am the biker-like 1% counter culture that thinks freedom to return to privacy is a personal right. I assume that makes me an outlaw.

Facebook, stop trying to get more information from me than I intend to share.