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Very and Ultra Radio Active

I am back on VHF and UHF amateur radio again. My old equipment, an Icom IC-24AT proved out to be a totally dead cat. (Sorry cat lovers, but it happens.) I had to get a new one.

The small hand held “Handy Talkies” or Handheld Transceivers (HT) have gained a lot of “features” since the late nineteen hundreds when I purchased the Icom. A plain old HT radio only, no longer exists.

The long standing Yeasu FT-60 shown here is as close as I could get to a “minimal” dual band hand held. I am not quoting price, just features. The FT-60 has over 1000 memory channels as if I would ever need or use that many. Just because they are there doesn’t mean I have to fill them up. The other radios of this type are chocked full of extra features like sending pictures or linking to the internet. I don’t need that just now… Maybe later.

I am considering getting involved with microwave experimentation and a working HT on voice is a necessary accessory for coordination before the microwave link is established. The old, “Can you hear me now?” sort of thing. Or maybe, “Watson, come here…” Cell phones do all the rest.


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