Trouble In Paradise

birdonbranch001pngMy Ramblin’ Dan’s Store is hosted on the AWS cloud server. Paradise is sometimes imagined as somewhere up in the clouds.

My trouble was SSL certificate that encodes and decodes all communication between my store server and my customers had expired. I knew it was coming so I had purchased a new certificate well over a month ago. I thought I had installed it properly but I had not.

The store site stopped working and was warning everyone who looked at it that it was not secure and might be an impostor trying to fake out users. Serious wrong news. It even scared me!

Turns out I built one of the certificate files improperly. A little head scratching and a little trial and error and I realized what was wrong and then quickly got it fixed. It’s working just fine right now.

If anyone reading this experienced the warning message on the store site all is well and was never taken over by the evil empire. Just my set-up error.