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Work Beyond 70

Seven decades now under my belt. The body is a little worse for wear, but that means it has been well used.  A little regular maintenance keeps it ticking. Ha! I have lost some weight since I retired which is a good thing – about 20 pounds.

My hobbies making things are returning a small profit. The silver work is the best. Check out KautzCraft Studio. It seems a bit crazy but folks are also paying for some of the 3D printing plastic things I make. I don’t openly offer them for sale, but I am receiving requests. Here is a link to the 3D Print Design Studio. Just proves that people really do like to buy from folks they know. Keeps this old* man busy. *Old but not elderly…

Pen making is another thing I have done (back in 2012) that may have profit. It has grown into a regular industry. So much so, that a lot of retirees have made it a sideline. Here is a link to what I have already made. Here is another link.  Hand writing may be a dying skill but a nice writing instrument is still a prized possession, at least for myself. Maybe I will add it to the KautzCraft product line if other people think the same. I like making them but don’t need more for myself. Please post a comment if custom made pens look good to you! I won’t consider it an order unless you say so… <grin>

Many other items can be assembled using lathe turned barrels and handles, so there are many variations to this simple, but beautiful process. It’s too late now to make things for the Christmas holiday season, but I will give it another look in the new year. I have the tools to make more.

The silver work will remain my focus as I already know there is a market. I love the creative process but like the pens, don’t make it just for my personal collection. I enjoy working with silver primarily because other people like what I create and it makes me feel good that they do.

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