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I call misinformation disguised within a planned marketing effort, propaganda. The formal definition is, “Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”

All media in the United States has become a competition. So, they have become propagandists, rather than true reporters. It has become so dominate in our culture, most people younger than myself are desensitized by the constant exposure, they freely accept the spin on the truth. Fact is now replaced by opinion which is broadcast by medias as fact. Media now invents the news, without concern for truth.

Independent thinking and judging in every society is replaced by certain members who interpret the facts for others to “better understand”. They are called “leaders”. They make decisions for the others. It’s the basic rule of domination. Media is guilty. Religion is guilty, Military depend on it. Even the animals do it.

Recently I did some research into the ISP (Internet Service Providers). There is a secret little war going on between these providers of service. It appears a dominate but silent major owner has developed named Endurance International Group (EIG). Here is a “mission statement” quote from a review site that talks about EIG, “…transforms opinions shared on social media into a review site for consumers. We currently focus on web hosting reviews.”

Since when have reviews of opinions on “social media” replaced true fact finding? I have stated many times in other blogs, “Opinions are not facts.” Opinions are an interpretation of facts. Not the unbiased truth. Dominate leaders promote their opinion, not fact. Consider the conflict between cults and religions in this world. Jim Jones, David Koresh, ISiS.

This EIG may be bad, good, or indifferent. But I noticed the loudest nay-sayers of this group are smaller ISP’s blasting this growing menace to their way of life. If someone was dominating my way of business, I certainly have a negative opinion. I might even go to war. That’s because my opinion is biased to my own interests.

So, this is how “being social” really works. Nothing is truly how it is presented in opinion. That’s because opinions don’t have to be the facts. It is how I want or think things should be. Opinions are reflections of truth and reflections can be distorted to something unrecognizable.

The ISP I have been using for over a decade is now on the “black list” of the EIG haters group. It’s being reported by the propagandists that my ISP is now “DOOMED” to failure and all the people served are going to exit screaming for better service (which of course the “savior” writing the comment provides) This is a blatant example of bias and self-serving prophecy. In business we call it, “a self-fulfilling prophecy” when we do it to ourselves.

Am I running and screaming from my ISP? Hell no! I believe nothing I read and only half of what I can see…  Maybe later though, if the facts I experience  tell me. That’s MY opinion.

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