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I have been a user of Adobe software almost from the day the Adobe business was created. I used some of the products like Aldus PageMaker before they became Adobe products. I have several full suites of Adobe web and graphic design.

Adobe and many other such products have gone to a subscription / creative cloud-based (CC) distribution. I presently have a CC subscription to the Adobe Photo Editing package with PhotoShop, Lightroom, and a few other accessory applications.

I lost my old Creative Suite (CS) install due to a Drive C: failure on my PC. They are “buy and install” rather than a cloud subscription. I have all the CS install disks; CS5 on CD (The newest (2010), CS Premium and CS Premium2 on CD (CS3), and a whole lot of single Adobe program CD’s.  They are old but certainly still work. I must decide if I want to move to the Creative Cloud and incur all the expense. CS5 is eight years old!

One of my passions has always been within computer graphics and design. Whether it is page layout or web design. It’s why I created and use TEDatum as my publishing URL. It means Tippecanoe Electronic Datum, a reference to electronic data used in printing. I am also doing a lot of 3D graphics for CAD and 3D printing which is also electronic data.

Eight years is a big gap in high quality professional grade computer software, without upgrades. That is why I presently use the Creative Cloud (CC) versions of Photoshop and Lightroom.

I just rebuilt my spouse’s simple 3-page website, using a free trial (1 week) install of Adobe Muse CC. It produces a static html5/java-based website. Yes, it is html but there is no html hand coding. It is all done graphically. Very nice to use. It took me about 6 hours to learn to use the program and re-create the website. I originally built her website with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.

What I like is with the newer versions of the program, the video display scales well with my 4K UHD monitor. Older software does not always do that. Consumer grade 4K monitors didn’t exist eight years ago. Today’s published websites need to adjust for various screens or viewing devices. It’s a new experience in creation.

Adobe certainly provides much more power than I need or can use all at once. I enjoy the fact that what I am learning is from using the some of the best tools I can afford.

The last five to eight years I have been creating all my websites with Content Management Software (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. I am currently mentoring a friend on using Joomla to create a website for his social group. I like what a CMS website provides and how it operates. The one issue is the huge number of files required to create a site. Somewhere between 3,000 to 6,000 files! Really Huge!

My wife’s website has 3 html pages and maybe 20 support files total! About 300kb in files. Big difference and a totally different experience for the visitor.

But what is happening is I am getting a renewed interest in the totally unique design experience of non-CMS web design. Truly a different way of “playing” with web design layout.

I am not getting any younger. Time only moves in one direction. I want to experience the creative juices flowing within, doing total hands-on website design before age shorts out too many brain cells.

When I find a subject in need of a website, I will be playing with the latest tools from Adobe. I think it is perhaps time to rebuild (?)

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