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Is the Fat Lady Singing?

Just when you think it is over… it is not quite. Hopefully I can stop talking about Site5 and all the foibles. My issues may be over, but I have a friend I have been mentoring on setting up Joomla websites. I encouraged him to install with the former ISP I was using before we knew of the move to Site5. So, I am somewhat responsible to him.

His website(s) were moved on Friday, two days ago, to Site5. Of course, they were broken from the move. We both use registrars (but different ones) outside of our ISP. I do that because it makes moving websites much cleaner and easier without all my eggs in the same basket.

The moving of websites between ISP and IP addresses, changes the name servers for the website. The pointers at the registrar must be changed to the new name servers that are managed by the new ISP. This is because of the SSL and shared IP address structure Site5 uses. That’s another story.

When my friend’s access became locked out of the original ISP, it was time to switch to the name servers at Site5. Site5 doesn’t provide the DNS (domain name server) information freely. The site owner (we) have to ask what it is. I asked for mine weeks ago and I assumed (ass-u-me) that my friend would be on the same name server. WRONG

Turns out, his DNS (name server) is a far and totally different format than the name server I use. Who would of “thunk” it? This assumption is totally my fault. We immediately realized the problem when a DNS search on his main website came up totally empty. It just ceased to exist!

My friend was traveling and couldn’t wait in the chat cue for an answer from Site5. This morning, between midnight and 7:30 AM he must have made contact. The website is on-line again. A DNS check shows me the new and totally different DNS server names for his websites. Our IP addresses are the same except for the last group. So, our websites are in the same block but have different name servers.

Rule #1 – Assume nothing!  Our (my) fault this time. The move notice should have included the new name servers. They don’t need to be a total secret that has to be pried from a chat person.

I noticed the SSL is functioning properly on his website. He must have made sure SSL was properly configured in his contact with Site5. Or perhaps Site5 learned from their previous SSL screw-ups with me, that it is not good customer relations to ignore pre-existing SSL implementation when moving a website.

The good of all this is the websites operate very well when they are configured properly. The C-Panel controls are far more advanced than the old ISP. The auxiliary software (PHP, MySQL, etc.) is totally up-to-date. The new home has great “bones”. I’ll assume that support is learning from its many mistakes. (But remember Rule #1.)

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