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Spoofing Myself

I have been writing about the move of all my websites from one Internet Service Provider (ISP) to another. It wasn’t just an owner and name change. All my website software and all the support software systems that support them, were physically (electronically) moved from servers in one location to servers in a totally different part of the USA.

What that produced was two totally functional installations of all my 15 or so websites in two separate locations. The old files were copied and not erased. This is good practice in case of errors, but created some confusion.

Many of my websites are programmed to send emails announcements when software upgrades become available. That happened, so I made the suggested upgrades to about ten of my websites. However, the reminder emails kept coming, saying old version software was installed and needed upgrade.

The websites were up to date, but the emails persisted. Nothing I did would shut them off. I figured it must be a “bug” in the update system. I sought help in the user forums, but suggestions for a cause and cure were off-track.

Then I realized the problem. The emails were originating from my old website location. Not the new location where I was doing the upgrades. The old websites were talking to me from the grave!  I was locked out of server access through the old ISP system, but discovered I could reach the old servers using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) . This “back door” was left open. I deleted all my old files in the old servers and the reminder emails stopped.

I was “spoofing” myself.

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