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Seems Logi-cal



I have a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse on the NUC computer. I installed the tiny USB dongle on the backside of the NUC case. All seemed to be working well but occasionally I could see the mouse and even the keyboard would act a bit wonkey. I think wonkey is the official term.

The mouse pointer would hop, skip and jump. I was doing PhotoShop editing and it was driving me crazy. I thought perhaps the mouse and keyboard need a fresh charge.

I put them both on charge then started to do a bit of research. I discovered there is a known problem with Logitech dongles and the NUC computer and others. Logitech is aware and provides a USB extension cable, so the dongle can be located away from the computer.

So now my dongle can dangle, and I am hoping the wonkey action has gone away.

There is a lot of RF (radio frequency) power generated inside the NUC and most computers these days. Two WiFi (high and low band), Bluetooth, The USB dongle itself and all the RF generated buy the processor and digital switching. Amazing that it can all work together at all.

I’ll post an update after a while of working with the new arrangement. It seems fine now. I need to use it under various computing conditions to be sure. Since the extension cable is provided for this exact situation, I feel good that it will be the cure.

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