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Computer Needs

I am about “computered” out for now. I added a couple of SBC (Single Board Computers) running the Linux operating system and a new Apple MAC mini with of course the macOS operating system to my computer collection.

The SBC micro computers will go into stasis for a while. Presently there is no real need or application for them. They were a nice diversion and an interesting experiment. Every bit real computers but limited in total performance.

The MAC mini is a full house personal computer. Every bit as powerful and useful as any other Internet capable computer I own. It is the equal to the PC’s I have labeled as “Ironsides”, “Sandbox”, and “The NUC”. I need to assign a network name to the MAC mini.

The names NUC and MAC mini work, but perhaps I need to be a bit more creative or imaginative for both of them. Maybe not…  Shorten MAC mini to just MAC

The NUC and MAC are destined to be my mainstay computers. They have their own monitors and operate most of the time. Ironsides and Sandbox are secondary systems and share monitors with NUC and MAC

Both NUC and MAC are HDMI video while the other two are both DVI. Both monitors switch easily between either input or can do WIW (Window In Window) if I choose. I don’t.

I am adding a one Terabyte SSD (Samsung T5) external drive to the MAC so I can run “Time Machine” constant backup. The MAC has USB 3.1 Thunderbolt ports so with an SSD, it will be faster than a mechanical drive. Speed is not a critical requirement for back-up, but I will probably use it for other redundant storage. I will use the MAC main drive as my active working space.

As a note: There are some extremely fast SSD drives available but are so expensive (five times the cost of regular SSD), they make no sense as back-up drives. Best used for editing video and other huge file transfer applications.

If I ever go there, I know they are available… Ha!

I worked in several large corporate offices with huge LAN storage available. My earliest days were a client/server environment with IRMA cards in IBM PC-1’s. Move a file off the server, work on it, then move it back. That was always the process. Working directly off a LAN drive was never recommended practice unless user only had access with a terminal screen (No PC). Too slow, and someone else may try to open the file. There was file locking from editing, but someone could still read the open file or download an earlier version.

Even on my home network I don’t work directly from a LAN drive. I will open a file to read it but move it to my internal drive to do editing.

The SBC computers are not designed for this kind of intensive network file management. They don’t have the storage capacity and processing power to cope well with a network environment. They can access the network, no problem. However, the SBC is best suited for a dedicated application.

Now with two main and two standby and several more WiFI laptop personal computers, not counting my three CNC machines which are full PC type computers, I don’t NEED more PC’s. But then, what does NEED have to do with anything??  Ha!

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