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A Camera for MAC

Added a camera to the MACmini. 

macOS is intended to work with iSight camera built into the Apple screens and laptops. So sometimes it can be problematic adding a USB camera to the Apple Operating System. 

I have a Logitech 9000 pro, a rather older edition in the Logitech camera line. I did some on-line research and Logitech says no drivers are necessary for the latest macOS.

I plugged the camera in the one of the USB3 ports in the back of the MAC. The camera could not be found. I checked through the probable causes on the Logitech site.

One of them was using a USB3 connection. Hmmm that all I have. BUT I do have a USB3 extender HUB added to the MAC . A TP-Link , 7 USB3 port, powered HUB with 2 extra power  ports. 

Logitech says the use from a HUB could be a problem. I had nothing to loose so I switched the camera to one of the HUB ports. The camera was immediately recognized and working perfectly. I noted it was listed as USB camera #2. So there must be a USB port (#1) reserved for the iSight camera when it can be found. 

I don’t care about what port is used, so all is fine with me.

This is the first picture captured from the new vision system. The sound input (microphone) is also working perfectly. I was able to place a FaceTime call with no problems. FaceTime auto-cropped to my head/body to reduce band-width. So many “smarts” built -in! 

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