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These folks took over my domain registrations from  I think they may have been one-in-the-same but there is no way I can verify that.  I don’t know whom to ask…

But in any case, all my domains were suddenly switched to At first I thought someone was hi-jacking my domains as they did a very poor (like zero) effort to inform before the fact.  That’s why I assume they may be the parent company of my original registrar.

Nothing crashed  or stoped working so the transition went well, other than the surprise and a bit of dismay on my part.

The new “High Marketing” format and front end in the website takes some “getting used to…”  It’s different. The goal is obviously attract business with lots of flashy display which my previous registrar lacked.

They also by default impose the privacy lock at an additional charge on all domains. I can turn that off and save $10 extra per year per domain. 

But now domain registration is ~$35.00 each and I have 15. is a money machine, not a basic service. One must pay for their glitz.

AWS, Amazon Web Service offers domain registration for ~$11 to $15 each. Price varies per TLD (Top Level Domain – com. net, org etc.) and includes at no extra cost, the privacy lock.  Not one speck of pricy marketing.  Just the service.

I currently have three domains registered with AWS. I am trying to switch three more from to AWS.

I have been moving domains between registrars for 35 years. It is seldom a hassle. But is seriously trying to make it one.

There is a well established process for moving a domain from one registrar to another. All registrars are simply agents of the ICANN. There are rules that are standard.

However, is doing their damnedest to preserve their revenue stream. Warning and red flags in the process, almost to the point of screaming at me. They also throw up a barrage of unnecessary and probably contrary to ICANN standards, marketing related questions that MUST BE ANSWERED to proceed with the process. Then they tell me I must WAIT THREE DAYS to receive authorization via email.

None of this is security related as most of the questions are marketing (why are you moving?) and telling me to “contact their agent by telephone” before making this wrong move…

Actually it is all marketing effort and should not be a barrier to changing one’s registrar. 

When my present three request get processed, ALL my other domains will also be moving from, I don’t like your tactics at all.  Caveat Emptor anyone considering

UPDATE 11/03/20:  Election day in USA…  All the domains I moved have today finished their slow-motion transfer to AWS and are properly configured. No danger or “wrong decision” on my part as tries to portray. It’s a slow process but absolutely permissible. I don’t let a marketing bully using scare tactics stop me from taking my business elsewhere.

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