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NUC, NUC… Who’s There?

Yeah, another post about my NUC10.

I discovered a new system software update for my Intel NUC10. I occasionally wander to the Intel website and do a systems upgrade check.

The Intel NUC has a website:  It will test the NUC real time and advise and provide proper updates for the machine that is asking. Very cool, IMHO.

I have posted the paragraph above in a previous article.

My NUC10 has continued doing its lockup (seizure) tricks. It was well behaved for a couple of weeks and I thought the issue was resolved. Wrong. It continued but far less often. But any system lockup is unacceptable.

When I saw the new systems software, I had hope that perhaps Intel was providing a solution.

The update was a MAJOR one. It required about a half hour to self-install with several self-starting reboots. I am saying it acted like a major overhaul. Not a simple tweaking of values.

The very first thing I have noticed is the Hard Drive activity light on the front of the NUC is now operating! It never functioned since day one. Just steady on. Now it is absolutely indicating Hard Disk activity, flashing and flickering. Very nice.

I have hope other system fixes have taken place.

Too soon to be sure. I will certainly post again if the OS seizures continue.

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