A friend and I are having a chat discussion on the merits of a “tactile” or mechanical click keyboard over the now conventional laptop low force silent type. These are stand alone bluetooth and not laptop built-in.

In particular, the comparison is the tactile KB, a Keychron K2 and the Logitech K800 “soft” style. Both brands produce many variations and we are not micro-dissecting the variation within a brand. Just the keyboard action styles.

I am not a super-fanatic about either style.


Presently, the keyboards here are all the Logitech brand and are soft or quite key-action. They work perfectly fine. 

I have owned and used the mechanical switch type. The keyboard for IBM-PC1 for example. The original Macintosh was a mechanical switch keyboard. 

I bought the first MAC when the IBM PC-junior was introduced with the awful “chiclet” keyboard. That’s another story…

The keyboard pundits always claim the mechanical switch keyboard is the premier system. Not sure exactly why. Could it be just because it is old-school, or is there actually an advantage?

Keychron promotes hot-swappable key-switch versions of their many keyboards. I suppose, so if you are in the middle of intense game-play combat and you exceed the 50,000,000 keystroke limit, one can immediately swap the failed trigger key for a new one. Golly!

Could also be handy if one is an author in the middle of hot-typing up a new murder mystery and don’t want to lose the muse because of a faulty key. Heh!

OK. There probably is something there for gamers. They like extreme hardware. Could it be good for the office worker too?

I told my friend the office manager could judge staff productivity by the keyboard click level in the steno-pool. Just kidding ( I think).

He loves his new Keychron K2 feel and doesn’t mind the sound at all. So there must be something good with the clickety-clack. A fingertip tactile feel as well as the audible indication that a character has be initiated with the stroke. 

I don’t need a new keyboard. Not until this discussion came up and my friend developed his lust for a new keyboard. Like Covid, I think he is trying to infect me with some disease. At least a dissatisfaction with my keyboard status-quo. Mask-on!

Could be I am missing out? Do I just need to feel the click? Will I write better blogs faster and more accurate?

I will ponder this.