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I just spent two days at the Vectric Users meeting over by the DFW airport here in Dallas. Vectric produces several CNC designer products (I have them all) but their premiere product Aspire (especially) is the creatived software I use the most to design and create the complex forms I machine with my HB2 router machine. The results are the Lithophanes, carved wood signs, 3-D sculptures and 2-D components I make on my machines.

I discovered I am fairly competent with the operation of the programs but no way near expert (yet) 🙂 The two day session shared a lot of information from the creators of […] Continue reading » Vectric

Some Call It Art

I have posted a new blog to display my creative output. Here is the URL :

This will not be a “how-to” effort like my other websites. I intend to limit it to the display of the end product of my creative and artistic efforts. My plans include items I will make for sale and perhaps take request for custom work. It will be like a low key merchant site. Then again, it will be mostly a show off site. 🙂

I have experimented with some e-commerce plug-ins and they will work. I don’t think that feature will be turned on any time soon but it is good […] Continue reading » Some Call It Art

Tessa’s 1st Year Present

I made my granddaughter’s first year birthday present. You can see it here in the picture. It is one of the first projects to be totally finished after being carved on my home made HB2, 3-D router.

I thought about making this when she was first born, a year ago. But the HB2 was still in the design stages. I did think at the time this was the sort of thing that would be perfect as a project.

Everything including Tessa is homemade in this project. 🙂 I don’t take full credit for Tessa… maybe 25% of her […] Continue reading » Tessa’s 1st Year Present

Calendar Check

Over the weekend I got the HB2 Router into a full production run on a carving for the first time. At last it is a living breathing (well not exactly) machine. It has been a long time getting to this point but the results were well worth the effort. I think the machine itself is a mechanical wonder just looking at it.

I chose a very detailed and difficult design to be the first run on the machine. It is the Aztec calendar that most people recognize. There were a few flaws with the run, but the intent was not a perfect output but a very good test of how […] Continue reading » Calendar Check

The Split is Acomplished

There is now a division between Ramblin’ Dan and The Hobbyist’s Machine Shop postings. I have split off almost all the material within Ramblin’ Dan that was directed to my activities in the machine and work shop. There is a link to that information in the right hand column under Dan’s Retreats labeled A THMS Blog.

I may eventually have the URL for the THMS web site point to the blog rather than the website. The “front door” to the website will be through the blog.

A blog has proven to be a great place to post short snap shots of my workshop activities. So rather […] Continue reading » The Split is Acomplished