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February Weather was Tough

Not MY home… Thank goodness!

Good thing February is a short 28-day month, and this is not a leap year. We will have to see if March is a lion or a lamb on Monday.

There should not be another sub-zero weather event this year. Spring comes early for Texas so am hoping that holds true for 2021.

We had no property damage from the Texas Power Grid Fiasco. We are very lucky. The only reason and words we can use.

 Texas State Authorities are being examined for the extreme short-sightedness of state energy management and I am certain the blame will follow many paths, political as […] Continue reading » February Weather was Tough

February White-out

February White-out

Weather or Not

Forget what I said on the 10th! The weather in Dallas Texas hasn’t been very nice this winter. We just set an all-time winter snowfall record of 12 inches (and more) in the area. Temperatures have been cold and the fuel bills high. Houses here are optimized for air conditioning (cooling) with return and supply air grills and registers located high. Heat rises and cold falls, making floors cold in winter.

My garage workshop is unheated in winter and I open the OHD (Over Head Door) and turn on fans in the summer. Sure would be nice to have a fully conditioned workshop but I am thankful for what I […] Continue reading » Weather or Not

The Weather Change

This winter has been fairly amazing with the amount of storms. Here in Dallas we got a little bit of snow but a lot of rain. The Central and Eastern regions have been getting more than their share of snow.

We went through a few years of drought here in Texas but now the scale is fully tipped the other way. That just teaches that nothing is the same forever. Sometimes it seems like bad weather is forever, because we as humans are impatient. We dislike change but sometimes we just can’t wait for it.

The period of human life on the earth is a small, truly insignificant portion of […] Continue reading » The Weather Change

Christmas Snow of ’09

[…] Continue reading » Christmas Snow of ’09