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Drawing My Attention

I have my new Kamvas Pro 16 graphics pad operational. First impression is it seems large. I can hardly imagine what my impression of a larger size might be, probably intimidated. It functions as advertised. I am well pleased. It is a good choice for my desires and expected needs.

I am far from an experienced user. I note that there is very good response to the pen positioning, far better than I experience with my (admitted low end) SURFACE computer screen. Also better than what I have experienced with iPad.

I thought it would be a good match with my very powerful and new Intel […] Continue reading » Drawing My Attention

Looking Below the Surface

Microsoft has produced something very nice. It’s the Surface series of tablet, laptop, and desk computers.

They are not the lowest cost computers. To be good, low price cannot be the most important feature. Quality is all about getting return for what is paid. I didn’t pay for my Surface. <G> It is on permanent loan to me. Subject to recall but not likely. If I had paid for it, I think it is worth the original cost. That’s good because the cost and features of the Surface series have increased since this machine was built.

The Surface brand represents the machines for which Windows 10 is designed. Could they […] Continue reading » Looking Below the Surface

On The Surface

I have the opportunity to use a Microsoft Surface 3 (S3) tablet computer. My son Steven has shared one with me that was given to him for business construction site use. However, the IT group refused to support the Surface tablet and it was not allowed to use the company VPN connections. I think because it was the first WIN10 PC they had seen and didn’t like the constant auto updates that are out of their control. Company policy is only IT is permitted to provide OS updates. That made the S3 totally useless for use on his construction project work. IT had installed the VPN software, but must […] Continue reading » On The Surface