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Drawing My Attention

I have my new Kamvas Pro 16 graphics pad operational. First impression is it seems large. I can hardly imagine what my impression of a larger size might be, probably intimidated. It functions as advertised. I am well pleased. It is a good choice for my desires and expected needs.

I am far from an experienced user. I note that there is very good response to the pen positioning, far better than I experience with my (admitted low end) SURFACE computer screen. Also better than what I have experienced with iPad.

I thought it would be a good match with my very powerful and new Intel NUC. That is true. However, I have the NUC connected to a HD 4K 60Hz large monitor. That far exceeds the screen capacity of the Kamvas Pro.

I can run dual monitors with two modes. Split screen where I can drag apps between screens or Mirror mode, where both screens show exactly the same.

Two screens at different resolutions does work with Split mode. It is confusing as to where the lower resolution screen position relates to the high res screen. Mouse and pen position become confusing between the two.

I presently prefer mirror mode for the Kamvas Pro. The drawback is both monitors must be the same resolution. The big monitor at low res is disappointing use of a 4K monitor.

I moved the Kamvas Pro to my MAC-mini system. The standard HD monitor there is an exact match with the Kamvas Pro. Wow! Problem solved. The display on both in Mirror mode is outstanding. See picture.

The MAC-mini quad core operates as well as the 12 core Intel NUC with the Kamvas Pro, so no loss of drawing performance that I can see. I would need a lot of time on both systems to give a truly definitive comparison. It does look like the MAC will be my main system of choice for drawing with the pad.

Both system have versions of the same software. No compromise in the tools available. I can become proficient drawing with either OS and switch systems if there is a need.

Pixologic Zbrush is my primary application. Very complex and advanced but I can and have created a few sculpted models. I don’t think I will be using Zbrush for my  graphic and 2D drawing artwork. I have Adobe Creative Cloud for that. My vector graphics will be produced in Illustrator. I have only casually poked around in Illustrator but have had access for decades. I have been using Adobe since Aldus Pagemaker was bought by adobe. Probably 25 years ago…

I will be spending a lot of time finding my comfort zone. That’s OK!

The door is open for any other software as well. I am not loyal to a fault on software brand. I will use whatever I can learn to master and produces the results I desire.

Those expected results are not very exotic at this time, but I expect my standards will increase with ability. I acquired the Kamvas Pro to practice and enjoy computer generated graphics and art.

What comes from it is my enjoyment. It’s another area I want to explore at my own pace.

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