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Following a Map, Learning or Training?


Learning is a process about trying things to see what happens. It’s a process of experience. The learning is in the realization there may be  other actions that produce more desirable results. Testing the alternative actions is part of a learning process.

Experience is understanding results, the cause and effect, of both correct and incorrect actions. The testing does not have to be physical. Einstein and many other great thinkers run “tests” mentally. But most people gain experience from real world tangible actions.

Teachers are folks who know from their personal experience, what actions work and what dangerous actions need to be avoided. Teachers need to point out […] Continue reading » Following a Map, Learning or Training?

Paid Time Off

I am using up my excess PTO before the end of the year. That is Paid Time Off for the non corporate world. That started back when corporations of the Dilbert variety combined sick days and paid vacation into PTO. No more need to call in sick just to take a day off.

Corporations buy each other and merge benefits. That happened to me. I didn’t lose how many PTO days I can earn (at 14 years I am maxed out) but the limited number that can be carried over year to year changed to 50% less.

To encourage people to use their PTO the policy has always been (for […] Continue reading » Paid Time Off

A Travel Dialogue

This could have happened while flying to Dallas….

“Hi, I’m Dan Kautz”

“Hi Dan, My name is Dr, Ben Dover. “

“Naw… really? Wow! Are you an MD?” <Don’t go there Dan…>

“No, PhD… I manage the operation of all the universities in Rhode Island.”

“Wow, that great. I am a Construction Services manager for Schneider Electric.”

“Who is Schneider Electric? Sounds like a German construction company. You make electricity or build power plants or something?”

“No, French owned. I work in the Buildings Business division”

Oh, I see… you build, buy and sell buildings… I don’t like the French owning our buildings”

“No, we are […] Continue reading » A Travel Dialogue

My Anchorage Project

Many readers of this blog know I did a project for my company (Then TAC, now Schneider Electric) in Anchorage, Alaska. It was for the US Government, the FAA to be precise, at the Air Route Traffic Controll Center located there.

This was one of the most enjoyable projects I have ever run. I am not able to show pictures of the project, but all the sight seeing I did while there is linked from this Blog. My company did produce a a brag sheet about the project itself for marketing purposes in PDF format. It is available on the company website and I have included it here.

[…] Continue reading » My Anchorage Project

Scrooge McDuck

I have been working on trying to grow my hobby based Internet business. It has been successful up to the point where I need to decide how much more time and energy and money I should invest. My real job in energy management is too important to abandon, so I only see this sideline as a fall back point if ever needed. These times are difficult to judge and define personal economic strategy.

The Democratic fueled Obama quick money fix may help the energy conservation business or it may shut it down as the nation realizes our money has little value because we have mortgaged our future to pay it […] Continue reading » Scrooge McDuck