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3D Print Training

I recently (8/2020) received a request to teach three-dimensional printing to a middle school age student.  I felt a bit flattered. I decided the teaching offer needed a bit of thought on what that task requires. I have presented my (rambling) thoughts and concerns in this article:

I have a somewhat “natural ability” towards understanding electro-mechanical devices and complex process solving. Skills required to “master” 3-D printing. I am not sure if “natural ability” just means I don’t remember being taught formally.  We all learn through some process. For me I know it has not all been through a structured formal classroom environment.

However, I have spent a huge amount […] Continue reading » 3D Print Training

GTI Upgrade

I had a 2008 VW GTI Turbo I had purchased new. It is posted HERE in this blog.

The […] Continue reading » GTI Upgrade

A Driving Desire

My desire is to be safe and live a long enjoyable life. One of the biggest risks to that is driving an automobile. Yeah, I have a VW GTI so I enjoy driving and the car (or is it me) likes to perform.

I was exceeding a posted (speed trap) 35 mph speed limit awhile back. I was cited for 50 MPH while approaching and entering a State Highway on which traffic was moving at 60-70 MPH. The city cop pulled me over on the shoulder of the blend lane out on the highway… yeah, really.

So as a good citizen, I decided to take one of those computer on […] Continue reading » A Driving Desire

Ramblin’ Too FAST

Formal Portrait

My bright red VW GTI’s dark mascot of speed, “FAST” (shown here) somehow got me captured by a Carrollton Texas speed trap. A speed trap it certainly is. Just north of Beltline Rd. (everyone in Dallas knows Beltline) there is an access road to route 35E (going north). 35E traffic is moving at 60-70 MPH (normal over the limit speed) at 2:00 PM on a Monday. The access road is posted at 35 (the trap) and runs parallel about 40 foot from the state highway. Weather conditions are perfect, dry and sunny.

The entrance ramp is extremely short, less than 50 yards but there is […] Continue reading » Ramblin’ Too FAST

CAR-toons #2

Old Lewisville, TX Volkswagen did it again, and again, and again. Go read Car-toons to see where this all started. I have had my GTI VW serviced twice with the same shameful display as was experienced at the purchase. They brag on their web page how they are diamond pin award winners for customer satisfaction. One of only four awards in the US.

The reason they earned the award is because every employee at Lewisville VW will beg to me on figuratively bended knee for nothing but “tens” on a survey that will follow from their contact with me. It is truly pitiful. […] Continue reading » CAR-toons #2