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Amateur Radio thoughts 2015

W5EHS amateur radio station operator position

Local ham radio friends have been stirring the embers of previously low fire ham radio interests. I am still active running a digital mode called PSK31 on the short wave bands but otherwise not as extremely active as I once have been. It’s mostly because of my many other interests.

There wasn’t time for all my interests when I was working 12 hour work days. I did enjoy a night’s sleep when I could work it in… Now I have more time in the daylight hours.

I have already started doing more wood working which suffered from the same time limitations. […] Continue reading » Amateur Radio thoughts 2015

Icom IC-24AT

Icom IC-24AT Internal

I know the title doesn’t mean much to most folks. It is the model number of a dual band amateur radio VHF/UHF hand held transceiver. I used it a lot well before cell phones became popular. It is at least 20 years old, probably more.

After the Field Day visit I decided to dig this “rig” out of the dust and spiders at the back of my junk shelf. It’s really not junk. As far as I remember it was working well when I “retired” it. Surprising is that it is still pretty much state-of-the-art in size and function. Newer Handheld Transceivers (HTs) do […] Continue reading » Icom IC-24AT

P.A.R.K. Field Day 2015

This is the center of a 160 meter dipole using an auto tuner at the center

Two fellow Amateur Radio Operators, James – KW5CW, “Fuzi: Dave – KG5IBQ and myself – W5EHS visited the Plano Amateur Radio Klub (PARK) Field Day event. It was located in Russel Creek Park in Plano, Texas.

I was once very active in this group, but work demands let me slack off active membership for about the last decade. I was publisher for the newsletter for several years at that time and created the first digital format. But that was long ago. Now it was time to see how this […] Continue reading » P.A.R.K. Field Day 2015

Weather Bugged

Here in Texas and in a lot of other places these days we all get severe weather. The job of the weather person is to try to scare the bejesus out of me in their reporting. Every storm is now “potentially dangerous” and is going to rip the roof of my house off or cause dangerous flooding. It’s like I have never lived through a storm and have no idea where I am living, like low lying ground.

I noticed when I was 10 years old all the old farm houses (Ohio) are built on high ground. Farm animal poop and rain water run downhill away from the house. […] Continue reading » Weather Bugged

Digital Radio-active

Over the past weekend I dug out some of my old amateur radio gear and blew off the dust and wiped the grime. It was just setting on the shelf in the garage/workshop getting dirty. Some of it is my old digital packet radio equipment that I haven’t operated for years. The packet radios are mostly 2 meters (144 MHz) but I have one data transceiver that is on 440 MHz.

I […] Continue reading » Digital Radio-active