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SandBox Loves Cindy


I just updated Sandbox to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS but it was such a dog update, I decided it was time for a real change.

I totally blew everything off the Sandbox C: drive and did a bare bones partitioning and formatting using Linux MINT – LMDE3 Cindy 64 bit OS. The LMDE is an acronym for Linux Mint Debian Edition. The Cindy hints at the default “Cinnamon” desktop. Here is the link:

Normal Linux MINT uses Ubuntu as its base file source. Ubuntu uses Debian as its source. So the LMDE3 just cuts out the middle man by going direct to Debian.

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Ubuntu LTS Update


I haven’t been playing with my Sandbox (Linux) computer for several months. Too busy messing with the Intel NUC Win10 computer. That changed today.

I energized Sandbox and expected I would have some usual application software updates to perform. Yes, there were quite a few. When the those updates completed, the Ubuntu OS informed me a new LTS (Long Term Support) update was available for the Ubuntu OS itself. A move from the 16.xx LTS to a new 18.xx LTS series (18.04 LTS to be exact.)

I always want to run the latest and greatest, so performing the OS update was a no-brain-er. It took several […] Continue reading » Ubuntu LTS Update

Building Another Computer

Just a few thoughts on building yet another PC for Ramblin’ Dan’s Empire of computers. First, I don’t really NEED another computer. So why do I think about one? Just because I can I suppose. This means that it isn’t necessarily going to happen.

The thought came to mind because I could use some extra room in my office where the present Linux box resides. It is a large computer by today’s standard. I could use the extra space. But I don’t absolutely need it.


The one picture shows a little MAC-mini computer I bought way back in 2005. That’s the size I am considering. Intel […] Continue reading » Building Another Computer

No Fault, Just Inconvenient

It certainly looks and reads here, like I am a Microsoft basher. Yes, I do point out the weaknesses that cause me to seek alternatives. What I do is pick the best tool for the requirements I need.

I can easily tolerate a Windows 10 system and its invasive habits as part of my office network. I need Windows 10 for all of my Microsoft OS design software I use every day. Windows 10 isn’t about to go away in my world.

I know my special needs make me a minority user, Microsoft (and all other) PC computers were never designed to be a primary machine control system. They are […] Continue reading » No Fault, Just Inconvenient

My Sandbox


Dang! I am back on my Linux OS band wagon. I float between the Win and the Linux OS’s as the mood strikes me. Well, actually when I need a program that can only run with one or the other. I have a large investment in Win OS software, so that system can never be replaced without considerable loss of function.

However, I have often given that single OS option some thought. There is a lot of Linux freeware that can do most of the same functionality of the purchased Win products. It is the low volume very specific Win OS applications that no Linux programmer […] Continue reading » My Sandbox