My 90 some year old auntie Emma (Kautz) Mason whacked her forehead on a paving brick as she tripped and fell down leaving her daughter Trudy’s home in Canfield, Ohio last weekend. It all happened so fast I was told that Emma had no chance to break the fall with her arms. That would have probably broken her arm or other bones.

The brick created a about 3“ x 3” L shaped gash that required 13 stitches to close. I saw the pictures shortly after the sew-up and the wound looks huge! Head wounds are always bloody so I can only imagine what she looked like before the closure.

Emma is home and moving around so we must assume she was very blessed not to have been injured worse. Probably it is more of a scalp injury and mild concussion than serious brain damage. For now she looks like a pioneer woman who got away from an Indian scalping before it went too far. Canfield is pretty wild country. It’s time to make peace with the Ohio Indians.

God’s will is sometimes to let happen what will happen, but the family already knows He wasn’t ready to take her home just yet. Thanks for the prayers to help us all endure this crisis and to know His will was done. We all grow stronger from this joining together in times of great stress.