To Infinity and Beyond

My kids, Steve and Shel are now over forty years old. Wow! I have forty year old kids. If you don’t know, they are fraternal twins. I think I have to let that forty years soak in for awhile. Wife (mother) Gloria and I will always call them kids. We have a special license so we can do that. It’s called the parent license. It’s kind of like a poetic license.

We let our friends make use of the license too. It is OK for them to ask either “about the twins” or “How are the kids?”. It makes me feel younger or maybe it makes our friends feel younger. Probably lets everyone cope with the fact that our kids are getting close to our age.

At the moment of their births, we were infinitely older than they were. A year later we were 26 times older although only 25 actual years older. (26/1) Now we are only 1.625 times as old. (65/40) See… they are getting closer to my age.

Depending on your interpretation of infinity (Is it a point or just keeps going?) and living forever (another pure infinity concept)  we could be relationally the same age as our kids but always 25 years older. Math can be such fun. Um… Sorry, a bit of math nerdness is leaking out a bit here.

Taxes and death are two sure things in human life (in the USA) so I will never (The word “never” extends to infinity and beyond too…) experience being the same age as everyone else.

That’s OK. My goal is to take my little slice of life as it comes and enjoy having forty year old Children. Loving them both (and their families) will last me beyond infinity.