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First Vectric EngravingArtist? Well… sort of.

My machining interest now includes CNC routing of signs and 3D deep relief carvings. Mainly because I can sit in front of a computer and create the “art” then let the machine tools do all the work. Well, most of the work. My CMT (nerve disorder) makes standing for long periods very uncomfortable. In the shop the high stool gets a lot of use to relieve the standing. On the machinist side, I like design/creating the CNC machine itself. On the wood worker side, I like the results. I also get off on building the electronics. It is all my interests rolled into one. This helps me enjoy life in a seated position! 😆
The CNC routing is not limited to wood. There are other materials with which I want to experiment. Here is the first sign I made with the Vectric software. A basic try-out. This sign is carved into red oak. For sure there are more detailed projects to come.

This is an exact copy of the article I posted in TEDEX

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