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Hot Shot!

Dan Kautz - Hot Shot

Dan Kautz – Hot Shot

This photo was created by my daughter Shelley (Shel), who as you can see is a very creative photographer. Yes, she is a professional and I am very proud of her and the work she does. So the photograph is me but it isn’t about me.

Shel shot at least 50 photos I assume. Some were kind of silly, some intense, and some are what I would call studio normal. This is not in a photo studio, but my home studio/workshop. Shel wanted an authentic background.

We both hade a lot of fun. I was honored to be the first test vict… umm… subject for some new portable lighting equipment she has just acquired for herself. Shel has extremely high grade (high cost) cameras and accessories where she is employed. She does a nice share of the photographic work for the marketing and advertising team within her major corporate retail sales company. She also has some very nice affordable hardware for her personal interest within photography. Photographers can’t get photography out of their blood, even when away from vocational work.

Equipment helps but it is totally the control of the photographer to produce results like this. I have some great tools in my shop, but it is my skill in using them that produces a great work.

Shelley, thank you for this great and dramatic shot of your daddy getting all fired up. Love you.

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