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A Measure of Success

As I become successful or maybe just prolific in writing posts in my various blogs, the action attracts the attention of a small group of self-proclaimed “experts” who desperately want to “help” me become more successful. It is the exemplification of the adage, “Nothing breeds success like success itself.” I think the original form was, “Nothing succeeds like success. There are many variations with the same message.

My point is, this attention lets me know that I must be doing something right. Somehow, they managed to “find” me. These folks don’t rally around a looser, as their main intention is to associate themselves with other’s success. Of course, their intentions are suspect as they almost always offer their “services” for a fee and try to make me think I am missing out on the obscure secrets to further success they alone possess.

They claim to know “rules” that when followed, will beat the Internet URL listing system. I am told, one can’t play the ranking game until you know all the rules. Specific actions are necessary, that will put me at the top of the list. To them, this first page listing is the “golden egg” of Internet achievement.

Newsflash! I am not interested in rankings. I have no desire to be on the first page unless you search specifically for my webpage(s). I publish my web-stores and blogs as a convenience, not competitive advantage. I do my promotion in the real world at my own pace.

Perhaps I am not the “competitive” winner that they imagine. I know that I am not their only target. They are playing the numbers game. With sufficient targets, even a 1% return is worth something.

An Internet presence is necessary. I know that. A dominate Internet presence is not.

I am not a broad based, internationally famous person. I don’t want to use the Internet to become something I am not. If you know about me and want to know more, I am here to be found, hiding in plain sight. Hopefully on a few (to me) already interesting websites. I am not going to genetically modify (GMO) what I write to conform to a set of synthetic and somewhat pathetic rules created simply for ranking in 10 different search engines.

I enjoy the attention from these “success makers,” then I simply filter them out. At the bottom left of this site you can see (at this writing) I have recorded nearly 7,000 SPAM blockings. That’s not an accurate total count, but is close. I use some tools or methods that work before or in addition to Akismet. It’s part of playing the game.

For similar (and other) reasons, I no longer answer my telephones. All calls are filtered and screened. I am not soliciting phone calls by advertising my number for random customer use. As a one-person artist craftsperson, I simply do not have the time to incorporate direct, call me anytime, conversations into my workday schedule.

Of course, they happen. I am not an ogre; biting peoples head off for calling. I manage my productive time and a big part of that is managed communications. My “hired office staff” is an answering machine.

I am satisfied with how this works. When I feel the need, I can add costs and additional communication methods to reach out and offer a more immediate contact ability.

That is not a present goal. I am not interested in building a bigger business I cannot manage. I am not making my living with my silver work, wood work, and what the internet provides or what my small ecommerce websites produce. I am happy doing my artisan “thing” and sharing as much as I can with the people who simply love what I do. Sometimes in a blog post.

“Doing what I love for those who love what I do,”

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