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Time to Relax

It sure is a good feeling when problems with my Internet Service Provider (the one that hosts my web sites) have stopped being my number one concern.

I realized the move from one provider to another was necessary. Ixwebhosting, my former host had fallen far behind the curve with support-software updates. My sites were operating well but were threatened to get stuck in old release versions because the support-software required was not going to be available.

My websites were running fine, but there is a process common with all forms of software, of constant upgrades (all free) that keep plugging security holes while providing slight improvements in operational features. Joomla, one of my favorite platforms, would soon not be able to operate when upgrade to a pending major version change becomes available. Ixwebhosting simply stopped providing support-software upgrades. The reasons are not clear and really don’t matter to me.

I like staying in current versions of software. It’s just what I do. So, a major host change was going to be necessary to keep that upgrade process going. Site5 was suckered into being the instrument of change. It wasn’t my choice, but I am kind of happy it wasn’t a one I had to make. It just happened without my consent.

I had to move my e-commerce site to Amazon Web Service (AWS) because it was critical to business. Site5 totally screwed up providing a clean move and restoring preexisting critical SSL functions. They were far too hung up on their single IP, fits-all-users mission plan. There was a definite language/cultural barrier to listening to my needs as a customer. I didn’t care how they would do it. Just restore my broken SSL. More than a week down is not acceptable.

Site5 is far from a perfect host. Right now the move-process problems are resolved and my websites are fully functional. The back-end (C-Panel) features are far superior for user self-control than was ever available at Ixwebhosting. I am happy my e-commerce site (the one on AWS) is out of harm’s way and Site5 ineptness. If Site5 can keep their hardware on-line, I can settle even deeper into some feeling of comfort.

The world is not a perfect place. I can’t say the process of a complicated move would have gone better elsewhere. I can only imagine that it might.

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