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Just “Ironsides” Now

Yipes! What a mess…

I am not going to get all computer nerd technical here. I want to say I just finished that upgrade to my oldest office computer I call “Ironsides”. It was named “Old Ironsides” before I did the upgrade.

Almost all new computers are using solid state drives (SSD). All our cell phones and hand-held tablets all use a form of solid-state drive. They have no moving parts and are very dependable. Price has come way down, and sizes (capacity) has increased. Multi-Terabyte drives are available today.

That’s as technical as I will get.

I bought a new 500 GB drive I installed as the boot drive on Ironsides. The other parts inside are still old, but Ironsides now has a new spirit and has a lot more speed. Enough to keep Ironsides around for a few more years at least and if nothing else fails. I did find a bad (dead) cooling fan when I was operating on Ironsides, and a replacement fan is on the way. Ironsides has four fans, so it was not a major issue.

Ironsides is the age limit as far as investing in such improvements in old computer iron. Its fast quad processor and high-quality video card is why I gave it a shot. Its other electronics are dated. I am seeing about half the potential (in speed) for the new HDD but compared to the original drive, it is a huge improvement. My new NUC is faster overall.

I posted about my new micro format NUC computer which is a high-bred with an SSD boot drive and a 2TB magnetic standard hard drive. The best of two worlds. It can replace Ironsides if required.

I recently priced out a similar micro format computer called the Gigabyte Brix. About the same physical size as the Intel NUC. I figured all SSD, slightly less storage but a much faster processor and it came out to be the same price as the Intel NUC.

That tells me the market pricing is competitive on the SSD components. The price I paid for the 500GB SSD was competitive with a quality magnetic drive the same size. I have received more than my expectations on performance increase.

Old iron never dies…

1 comment to Just “Ironsides” Now

  • Daniel Kautz

    The new 120 MM fan arrived today. Same as the one in the top I changed out last year. Ironsides seems much quieter, maybe because the CPU fan may have been forced to run faster in the warmer environment. All is cool now… Dan