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POBOX Has Gone Berserk

I have been using an email service called for four years. It is a purchased service that I began to use to provide a “collection point” for the dozens of email accounts I use with my many websites. It also provided a great email filtering service.

I use a process where I direct all my accounts to their one email address that I use to send (SMTP) and read all the mail from all the accounts at one location.

They use various commercial filtering services which I have noticed add a HUGE amount of header information to all emails. There is a whole host of obscure acronyms like DIKM, and SPF. Also other codes not specified. So it is not just POBOX, but a very paranoid system of junk mail and spam control.

I have been testing and trouble shooting one of my website mail handling features that has severe mail passing constipation, due to all the newer mail restrictions and filters. My mail activity has increased but by no stretch to any conceivable spamming level.

Twice, POBOX has closed my SMPT access and forced me to change my password. That requires changes to every device and website that sends email. Especially my webstore accounts. It’s killing my business communication.

I have been forced to abandon POBOX.COM and their extremest measures. I fear the entire POBOX.COM email service is on the verge of collapse because of alleged customer abuse and them exercising the extreme “Denial of SMTP Service” measures to prevent or control that imagined abuse of their system. No one can write the perfect algorithm to monitor good email from bad. POBOX admits to that flaw and can only say they are “sorry”. I am “sorry” too. Goodbye.

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  • Dan

    It might be said that it was I who went berserk. I’ll admit to that. I don’t like sudden surprises when they affect the operation of my business or personal needs. POBOX is not the only mail service on the internet. Taking “cheap shots” at paying customers does not build a solid customer relationship. ‘Nuff said…