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Getting’ A Move On!

This ”Ramblin Dan” blog and about 15 other of my websites have moved (physically changed servers) from the US East Coast to the US West Coast. I not giving exact locations as I consider that information should remain confidential.

It’s not secret, but I don’t want to endorse my choices. Ask, and I will tell, and you can decide if my choices would be good or bad for you. For me, I had to make the change.

My previous ISP website server provider was not a choice I made. I have written about the grief they gave me here in Ramblin Dan. Initially they were terrible. All my websites were “sucked” from the servers in Ohio and deposited in severs in Virginia. Emails service and database passwords were a mess.

Eventually, all the problems were sorted out and fixed. Everything was going fine for about six months. I thought I was over the moving pains. Then the email started doing very strange things. Microsoft Outlook reported the mail servers had bogus certificates. I had to click through two “challenge screens” each time I opened Outlook. That was a PITA but not a killer.

But then I found out my customers were not getting replies from me when they sent me questions. This went on for some time until I was able to determine the SMTP server at the ISP would make my “threaded” email disappear without a trace. No error, nothing. It would accept the email with my reply attached and vaporize it. I think it looked at the multiple email headers in the threaded message and classified it as SPAM and sent it to the bit bucket.

Totally unacceptable as I figured I could have lost close to $10,000 in possible sales.

I packed everything and took the first data bus to the West Coast.

The heavy lifting is done, and most websites are operational in the new digs. It was a several days process, but I had total “hands on” with every detail. I like the results so far. But time will tell the truth. That’s the reason I need to be a bit confidential and not brag up the new home.

I like the term, “Getting a move on”. I remember my grandmother using the phrase many times on us kids. It really means, “Hurry up! Get off yer butt, and get the job done now!” Lovin’ it! ?

2 comments to Getting’ A Move On!

  • William West

    Hello Dan,
    I stumbled across your site a few hours ago and have really enjoyed it.
    I really enjoyed the Taig articles as I have recently purchased the MicroProto version myself.

    Pearland Tx.

  • Daniel Kautz

    Hello William,
    You must have explored further than my email problems! 🙂
    Thanks for saying hello! ~ Dan