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Computer Update

Lost both my Apple MAC-mini and my Intel NUC-7 due to a lightning strike into my home office. Most all electronic equipment within the entire house was obliterated. In the office – two additional, older, large case, built-up computers were also destroyed. One I called “Ironsides” and the other named “Sandbox”.

All four computers were in use but the MAC (macOS) and the NUC (WIN10) are my primary systems. Ironsides is a WIN10 OS and Sandbox is a Linux OS – LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition)

I bought a new MAC-mini replacement and using it now. A back-up called “Time Machine” on an undamaged external 1TB SSD restored the system to full recovery. It is the easiest to get back to full operation

The NUC was backed up by a NAS (Network Accessible Server) which was destroyed. I have ordered a “bare bones*” replacement NUC. Now a NUC-10.  My plan is to transfer the RAM, SSD and HD to the new NUC.  I am hoping they were not damaged in the strike and I can reuse the hardware and recover the data they contain. This may be a lost cause, but I need to try.

*Bare bones are computers with little or no memory and accessories installed. The purchaser can assemble a computer with whatever added components desired.

The NUC-10 will be WIN10 OS like the original NUC-7. However, the NUC-7 is a OEM WIN10 and cannot be transferred to the new NUC-10. I must buy a new WIN10 OS. Bummer.

The one positive out of this is the new NUC-10 has an i7 Intel processor with 6 core CPU and 12 threads. The old NUC-7 was also an i7 but only 2 core and four threads. It’s a move from 4 processor streams to twelve! Should be a noticeable upgrade in performance. (Depends on software of course.)

The older Ironsides and Sandbox have multiple 1 TB (Terabyte) hard drives in their cases and serve as backup file storage. There were both fully OS up-to-date and very capable computer systems. Replacing them is a bit lower priority. I do want to get the Linux system back in operation as soon as possible. I use it quite often with operation of my 3D printer systems.

Lightning strike recovery is a slow process. The insurance process will require some time. My deductible is a bit of a burden and I don’t want to spend my cash reserves beyond that amount.

My amateur radio is a very large loss dollar-wise. It can wait until I have my computer systems, cable TV and phones systems fully operational. I am working toward that goal.

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